Chances and Spaces
for New Industry and Business

Digitisation, artificial intelligence and environmental issues: There is no getting around them. Impending global changes will lead to significant challenges, not only for companies. It is now a question of thinking positively and generating opportunities from risks. For this purpose, design is the right choice. Design is a driving force searching for the right decisions and helps companies to get prepared for the future.

Designpark is an overall concept for research and development issues. The idea is an industrial and institutional structure in urban space that accompanies, connects and promotes projects from the momentum to implementation. In networked systems, a specific design approach is used to create reliable concepts for the future and resilient overall prospects. The tasks focus on changes in environment, society, technology and economy and their relevant interrelations.

Become Part of Designpark

Creating platforms, joining forces, implementing projects. Future-oriented industries and companies and their associated institutions are addressed.

Explore new products and business areas with the help of the Designpark! Design is the consequent way to innovative solutions. Teams of designers and specialists from different areas work together on business and future-oriented concepts. In this way, as a company, you get the chance to think anew from within yourself – together with others.

The idea addresses:
⬝ Companies with their own R&D departments or innovation units.
⬝ small and medium-sized companies from the region that want to carry out their own innovation and research projects.
⬝ innovative founders who are looking for an ecosystem for their growth.

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