The Designpark idea includes studios, services, labs, academies, museums, private industries and can be concretized at various sites.

The illustration is inspired by Christopher Alexander (1965), A City is Not a Tree. Architectural Forum, Vol. 122, No. 1, pp 58-62.

Design: Dylan McGuire

The programmatic Designpark components are linked in a connecting structure.

Infrastructure for Innovation

The goal is a new type of urban-industrial consolidation of various institutions and companies with a unique research climate. In its connecting structure, Designpark offers companies from different sectors the opportunity to use the advantages of the urban location for their activities and to become part of a dynamically operating network. The Designpark idea is made up of various programmatic components. With the help of a comprehensive overall coordination, different approaches and competences are linked in order to guarantee continuous impulses. The concept can be concretized spatially at any time. Innovation will be given a new location – the Designpark.

Designpark Studios will offer design and consulting services for various applications. In a specific approach*, future-relevant solutions will be developed here.

Designpark Services will be responsible for the support and expansion of the Designpark network with the corresponding platforms. Cooperative projects will be initiated, comprehensive services provided and specific events planned.

Designpark Labs are the connecting element for future research and development. Different laboratories, which can be divided into categories such as “Human Lab”, “Bio Lab” and “Tech Lab”, and workshops with future technologies are planned.

The Designpark Academies will host workshops and seminars as well as lectures. They offer companies the opportunity for further education and training in various areas and promote entrepreneurial thinking.

The Designpark Museums organise exhibitions and serve as a place of public information. An archive of the latest material developments will also be included.

Designpark Sites are linked in a spatial infrastructure. The administration, marketing and guarantee of suitable premises with optimal conditions for the different projects will be part of the offer.

Private Industries and their associated institutions have the opportunity to initiate research projects or to integrate their research and development completely into the Designpark. Innovative units can work here separately from the core business and with continuous impulses from outside.

* ↳ Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the specific design approach.